About Us

Our company has been going strong since 1987.

The technical side of the business is personally run by Helge Metzner, with good German precision! He is ably supported by his wife Meryl, who runs the office.

We take great pride in our work. We employ approximately 10 workmen. Whilst it is not possible for Helge to be present at all times on all sites, each site is run by one of our foremen.

Our clients have been pleased to report that our workmen are efficient, polite and friendly. They are trained to be as productive as possible, with no protracted breaks for tea and lunch and chatting. The job must be finished as soon as possible! The site must be left clean and tidy!

The client must be satisfied !


We always supply references of clients for whom we have done similar work.

We are also happy to provide contact numbers of other clients for whom we do regular work - this includes architects, interior designers, and estate agents

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