PATIO ROOFS: A well built patio is a tremendous asset to any home.

BUILDING PROJECTS: We do building and alterations, extentions, renovations, granny cottages, garages, servants quarters - ensuring that all the roofs are properly constructed!

SKYLIGHTS:Skylights make the house warmer and lighter inside. A previously dark and somewhat unattractive room can be brought to life by an attractive skylight!

INSULATION: This helps to keep out that winter chill, and also cuts down on heating bills.This same insulation helps to keep the house cooler in summer by acting as a buffer against the heat coming through the roof.

WATERPROOFING: We are experts in all types of waterproofing.

ROOF CHECKS: It is always wise to have the roof checked if you plan to buy a new house!

                             WE ALSO REPLACE                  


                                FASCIA  BOARDS


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